Patients sharing their experience with us

I had a great experience today at Mink Radiology located at 8436 West 3rd St., Los Angeles! I was greeted at the front desk by Letty who was welcoming, energetic, positive, friendly and thorough; as was Melissa. Serg, the MRI Technologist was exceptional! I’ve had many MRI’s by many MRI Technologists over the years, but Serg stands a head above all of them in terms of his client centered focus to make the MRI experience as positive as it can be for the patient. I experienced him to be welcoming, calm, present, communicative, friendly, gentle, thorough, and without an attitude. If there was an option to do so, I would definitely give “5-plus stars” for my experience at the above referred-to location for Mink Radiology

Hi- nice to meet you, I have been a patient at Mink 2x in the past few months. I am writing to share an experience with you because no one shares the positive anymore!

When my Dr told me I had to get an MRI on an emergency basis I was petrified for a million reasons. I am plus size and have sever anxiety- when scheduling we were originally told that it would take a week to get in. My dr wanted me in that night and the scheduler at Mink made it happen immediately. The customer service was incredible. I told them I needed an open MRI because of my anxiety and size and they did not hesitate to help. I showed up about an hour later and Shelly came into meet me and walk me in. I immediately started crying- I was petrified. I have never ever ever been treated better by any medical professional ever. She held my hand and reminded me constantly it was going to be ok. She walked me into the room with her hand on my back guiding me and letting me know she would not leave my side. She explained everything before I even got on the table. I could not breathe the anxiety was insane. She offered me a myriad of items to help with my fear: a ball, ear plus, eye mask, but none of them were calming me down. I was crying and she was treating me like I was her best friend. She told me about these amazing glasses where I could see her the entire time and they were just that… amazing. Then she said she would touch my head as I went into the tube so I would know she was right there. She never let go until I was comfortable. Once I was in, with the glass she never left my sight. Behind the glass she kept reminding me she was right there- that I was not too big- that everything was going to be ok.

When I was done she gave me the biggest hug and told me how proud of me she was. I mean… I am crying writing this. As a plus size woman I have been shamed at almost every medical faculty I have ever been in since I was a little girl. Often times I experience such distain and huffs and puffs when people have to make any size accommodations. Shelly made me feel like her friend that she was going to help get through a very tough time. After I left I cried all the way home, but not sad cry, more of a relief to have finally meet someone who just had some patience with me and my pain and my size and my anxiety and all of it. She is incredible. She clearly cares about her job and the people around her. You really rarely see that these days.. everyone is so cynical and short.

I had to go back this week for a 2nd MRI and she remembered me, asked about my injury, asked how I was doing- held my hand and offered my my glasses. She reminded me the whole time that she was right there with me. I think you should know how special this experience was for me and how lucky you are to have such an incredible person working for you. I will never forget the way she treated me. MRI’s are terrifying .. also because you are going into that machine because, most likely, something is wrong. The entire procedure is overwhelming and you can only hope to have someone like Shelly guide you through it.

Just thought you should know.
Thank you so much