Mink Radiologic Imaging is a unique, specialized radiology practice based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Marina del Rey. Our customer service driven practice is designed to ensure that each patient receives the highest quality of care in a warm and comfortable setting. We understand the stress involved with undergoing a radiological exam, so our team strives to be helpful and compassionate during every step of your appointment—from scheduling, to the exam, to next steps after your appointment.

Unlike larger institutions, such as university hospitals, where many patients never interact with their radiologist, we believe in providing highly personalized and individualized care to our patients. Our founder, Jerrold Mink, MD, has practiced neuroskeletal radiology since 1975 at both UCLA and Cedars Sinai and became disappointed with the impersonal methods used in the radiology field. He decided to shift the paradigm, bringing together a group of physicians who shared the desire to practice medicine at both an exceptional professional level and personal level in their interactions with patients and referring physicians.

In their practice, our radiologists ensure constant communication with patients to clarify their areas of concern, symptoms, and diagnosis to guarantee the most accurate results. Upon completing a scan, our radiologists dictate their analysis of the images in real time using advanced voice dictation software, so the patient’s referring physician will receive their report in the timeliest manner possible. The doctors at Mink Radiology go above and beyond in conducting their exams, taking the additional step of calling the referring doctor personally with pertinent findings.

Mink Radiology utilizes an advanced picture archiving communication system, Carestream PACS, which allows our physicians to review patient diagnostic images and reports over the Internet. Referring physicians can also view their patients’ studies on the same system used by our radiologists, accessible anytime and anywhere on mobile or desktop platforms. The more collaboration between physicians and radiologists, the better the patient care is.

Other imaging centers in the community feel like one cog in a big, national corporation—the radiologists are difficult to contact, as they usually are not on-site. We pride ourselves on being a small, sub-specialty practice where the same radiologists who started the company in 2003 remain physically in our offices, easily accessible to both patients and doctors.

Each of our physicians is certified by the American Board of Radiology and has substantial academic backgrounds. Most have taught at the university level and one of our physicians has written five major texts in radiology. They continue to push the field of radiology forward, publishing extensively in medical journals and lecturing to medical professionals.

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