Mink Radiology is a unique, specialized radiology practice based in Beverly Hills. The entire practice is designed to ensure that each patient receives the highest quality of care in a warm and comfortable setting. Unlike the large institutions, such as university-type hospitals, where many patients never interact with the radiologist, we believe in providing highly personalized and individualized care for our patients.

Our physicians are committed to applying their academic skills to this unique, highly personalized and individualized practice of radiology. Each referring physician request is previewed prior to the imaging procedure so the examination is tailored to yield maximum information in the shortest time possible. Our radiologists closely monitor the progress of every examination to ensure that the examination is targeted to the specific clinical problem. Reports are typically completed and faxed to referring doctor's office within 3 hours of the exam; however, please keep in mind, your doctor's office has their own policy of how and when they communicate results with patients.

Diagnostic Excellence By Highly Skilled Experts

Each of our physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology. All of our physicians have a substantial academic background and have taught at the university level. They are active professionals who have published extensively in the medical literature and have lectured to medical professionals; one of the physicians has written five major texts in radiology.

Immediate Physician Access to Images and Reports Via the Internet

Mink Radiology utilizes an advanced picture archiving communication system (Kodak Carestream PACS) that allows our physicians to review patient diagnostic images and reports over the internet at anytime. Referring physicians can also view their patient's studies on the same system used by our radiologists. This allows for greater collaboration between physicians and radiologists, thus resulting in better patient care.

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